Have you ever dated a feminist

I usually do not date someone who is not a feminist, does this count? I have never asked BTW. At the beginning of a relation I do not ask about:

  • Zodiac sign
  • Political views
  • Feminism
  • Hair colour
  • Sexual preference details.
  • Religious views.

These are all important and valuable subjects, more fulfilling to discover and to discuss with passing time. If a partner believes, above questions can be answered in single word answers (Gemini, liberal(European), yes, natural brunette, missionary, Orthodox), then I would be out of there, even before “brunette” part. A woman potential partner (probably a man too, but I have no experience on that front) should be able to discuss:

  • That while Zodiac is a complete bullshit, there are statistical evidence about some parts of vaguely broad rules. It is more fun than a serious thing etc. etc.
  • That political reading of the socio-economic status of the population is a spectrum, she thinks this about social security, that about animal welfare etc. etc.
  • The differences between first wave and second wave is overtly exaggerated in some aspects, and broadly simplified in other aspects. While third wave was an adaptation attempt to changing world conditions, fourth wave has yet to demonstrate some “positive” contributions etc. etc.
  • “Well, it was blue and green last week, now black and yellow, what colour do you like to see during next week?”
  • “I would prefer to demonstrate when I would like to see your preferences, maybe soon maybe later”
  • How organised religion turned basically rebellious Abrahamic religion(s) into what they were not meant to be…..

See, such is called “a dialogue” and a relation must be based on this. If you ask any girl these days they claim to be feminists anyway, there is no need to ask that question. The point is to understand if they truly are or not, which requires background on both sides and takes time to understand.

What are some huge songs during the 1980s with exceptionally bad videos?

As a youngster of 80’s let me put it that way. There were some exceptional, kind of good videos in that era. Like the very good and interesting video of “Money for Nothing”

Keeping in mind this was one of the better, even revolutionary videos of that time, most regular videos were beyond the terrible.
For example “Separate Ways” by Journey is an epitome of the era for me. The music is marvelous, lyrics are very good for a love song. But the video, well, I mean I am out of words to describe how bad it is. See for yourself…

Did the West make a mistake letting Russia obtain Kaliningrad?

I can see how difficult it was for some westerners to understand there are nations, nation-states for that matter, which does not need any bleeping permission from west before taking out garbage. Sorry it should be “The West”. I am more sorry, it would be better “The Western Culture taken hostage by a nation of people with less than acceptable average intelligence”.

I am a member of a nation, having half of its history written in blood with our wars with Russian people. I am grateful for that history. We killed them, they killed us back, we became neighbors. My grandfather and his sister were forced to flee Crimea due to historical reasons. Again due to very same historical reasons, I prayed for Vladimir Vladimirovich’s health, when he liberated my ancestors’ land from the occupation of vassals of Deutschland. Russia did not ask for a permission for Kaliningrad, they did not ask for a permission for Crimea. I hope it would not become a necessity, not to ask for a permission for Istanbul, in order to help us against a Western occupation, again. And yes, last time Vladimir Ilyich did not ask for any permission for helping us against UK, Greece, France and Italy, that is “The West”…

All I see on Quora is saddening marriage stories of betrayal and adultery. Does anyone have a good one?

Although I have not written my “sad” story in Quora, yet, I might have an explanation. When you are happy with your marriage (hard to believe, but all divorcees were once married happily) there is almost nothing to tell, there is no story so to speak. OK you are happy, so what, you are expected and expecting to be happy…

However when your marriage become unhappy, there is always a story behind, either betrayal, or a nonsense discussion over something stupid, or a sickness, or an economic problem or, or, or… Because of this, only unhappy people have something interesting to tell.

Happy people on the other hand can either tell some little silly stories about how he proposed under the rain, or how she first kissed him with no reason at all, or how they could keep their relation as it is for 20+ years. A relation is almost the only thing we have in our lives which we do not want to see any “development” about. When your partner tells you that you “need to speak” it is almost always because they are going to give a bad news

We expect to fall in love, get together, maybe marry, have some kids and get old together, this is the routine. And besides how successful we are in keeping the routine intact for so many years, there is nothing to tell in a happy relation. And yes, it is boring, not to have anything interesting to tell because you are happy…

How can a recording company claim that vinyl sounds better because it’s “analog” when most (if not all) of today’s recording equipment is digital? Isn’t there any loss of information somewhere in the conversion process?

In my experience, almost all “claims” related to commercial audio systems has a falsehood, that is directly proportional to the equipment’s price. As in the digital front, there are “provable in theory, UNDER CERTAIN CIRCUMSTANCES, with no additional benefit” features in analog systems as well.

At the end; There were some analog, and some digital instruments at a certain point in the past, performed a musical piece. Some portion of audio waves (as in the vibrations of air molecules) were converted to electronic form using microphones, some other portion of audio data (as in electrical signals) were converted using electronic components. At those two conversion points you lose originality of audio. Full STOP.

All conversions, be it, analog, digital or mechanic (think about bee wax phonograph cylinders) are just that , a conversion of one type of environmental variable to another type of environmental data, and ultimately a record of changes in those data in recording cycle, and a flow of data in other way around in playing cycle, from record to environmental variances. And all conversions are losing some data, there is no way around this. If you think about that, Marcus Miller plays a bass guitar with strings. A speaker on the other hand has a cone made out of paper or cloth or wood, it does not have anything like a string…

What I am trying to tell is, if you are not listening a completely acoustic performance in the concert hall (preferably in a chamber) in front of performers, you are receiving something that is not complete, regardless of the way it is carried to you. And yes, all audio equipment manufacturers are bending the truth about fidelity. Mayne more to the point it is necessary to differentiate between marketing hypes and actual features of products and ecosystem.