All I see on Quora is saddening marriage stories of betrayal and adultery. Does anyone have a good one?

Although I have not written my “sad” story in Quora, yet, I might have an explanation. When you are happy with your marriage (hard to believe, but all divorcees were once married happily) there is almost nothing to tell, there is no story so to speak. OK you are happy, so what, you are expected and expecting to be happy…

However when your marriage become unhappy, there is always a story behind, either betrayal, or a nonsense discussion over something stupid, or a sickness, or an economic problem or, or, or… Because of this, only unhappy people have something interesting to tell.

Happy people on the other hand can either tell some little silly stories about how he proposed under the rain, or how she first kissed him with no reason at all, or how they could keep their relation as it is for 20+ years. A relation is almost the only thing we have in our lives which we do not want to see any “development” about. When your partner tells you that you “need to speak” it is almost always because they are going to give a bad news

We expect to fall in love, get together, maybe marry, have some kids and get old together, this is the routine. And besides how successful we are in keeping the routine intact for so many years, there is nothing to tell in a happy relation. And yes, it is boring, not to have anything interesting to tell because you are happy…

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