Have you ever dated a feminist

I usually do not date someone who is not a feminist, does this count? I have never asked BTW. At the beginning of a relation I do not ask about:

  • Zodiac sign
  • Political views
  • Feminism
  • Hair colour
  • Sexual preference details.
  • Religious views.

These are all important and valuable subjects, more fulfilling to discover and to discuss with passing time. If a partner believes, above questions can be answered in single word answers (Gemini, liberal(European), yes, natural brunette, missionary, Orthodox), then I would be out of there, even before “brunette” part. A woman potential partner (probably a man too, but I have no experience on that front) should be able to discuss:

  • That while Zodiac is a complete bullshit, there are statistical evidence about some parts of vaguely broad rules. It is more fun than a serious thing etc. etc.
  • That political reading of the socio-economic status of the population is a spectrum, she thinks this about social security, that about animal welfare etc. etc.
  • The differences between first wave and second wave is overtly exaggerated in some aspects, and broadly simplified in other aspects. While third wave was an adaptation attempt to changing world conditions, fourth wave has yet to demonstrate some “positive” contributions etc. etc.
  • “Well, it was blue and green last week, now black and yellow, what colour do you like to see during next week?”
  • “I would prefer to demonstrate when I would like to see your preferences, maybe soon maybe later”
  • How organised religion turned basically rebellious Abrahamic religion(s) into what they were not meant to be…..

See, such is called “a dialogue” and a relation must be based on this. If you ask any girl these days they claim to be feminists anyway, there is no need to ask that question. The point is to understand if they truly are or not, which requires background on both sides and takes time to understand.

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Can Baysal

It is fortunate that I am not famous, as any biographer and or journalist would definitely have problems while gathering information on my background. What I am basically is a renaissance man in modern age with diverse areas of interest and some interconnected subjects of expertise mainly centered around ICT.