Did the West make a mistake letting Russia obtain Kaliningrad?

I can see how difficult it was for some westerners to understand there are nations, nation-states for that matter, which does not need any bleeping permission from west before taking out garbage. Sorry it should be “The West”. I am more sorry, it would be better “The Western Culture taken hostage by a nation of people with less than acceptable average intelligence”.

I am a member of a nation, having half of its history written in blood with our wars with Russian people. I am grateful for that history. We killed them, they killed us back, we became neighbors. My grandfather and his sister were forced to flee Crimea due to historical reasons. Again due to very same historical reasons, I prayed for Vladimir Vladimirovich’s health, when he liberated my ancestors’ land from the occupation of vassals of Deutschland. Russia did not ask for a permission for Kaliningrad, they did not ask for a permission for Crimea. I hope it would not become a necessity, not to ask for a permission for Istanbul, in order to help us against a Western occupation, again. And yes, last time Vladimir Ilyich did not ask for any permission for helping us against UK, Greece, France and Italy, that is “The West”…

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Can Baysal

It is fortunate that I am not famous, as any biographer and or journalist would definitely have problems while gathering information on my background. What I am basically is a renaissance man in modern age with diverse areas of interest and some interconnected subjects of expertise mainly centered around ICT.