Why is the computer security community so dismissive and hostile to newbies with legitimate questions?

  • You are able to recognise questions from newbies, given that only a small percentage of such people explicitly declare themselves as “newbie”, it is obvious that they have a common question format/style that is specific to said humanoid group.
  • No tool is reliable if it has “penetration” somewhere in its name/definition, especially if you are inexperienced with such tools and somehow willing to admit that on a “very” public platform.
  • This field, if you benevolent enough to call it so, is not “a prestigious” one. This field is the IT equivalent of shovelling shit left by other more inept than yourself, -so called- professionals. Also this field is the most susceptible discipline of IT that requires, more frequent than others, close contact with law enforcement agencies (hi guys BTW). So members are not trying to limit new entrances, on the contrary, there is always need to fresh meat for menial duties. What is usually not wanted in the field is lower than regular IT guys’ level of IQ, which is higher than national averages to begin with.
  • Common courtesy does not involve to help a hapless one to waste a serious amount of time in a hopeless pursuit, trying to join a profession that is sour at best.
  • Asking questions is not a problem, not reading already existing excellent answers is. It shows the lack of research abilities, which in turn shows lack of talent in the field.