I have just hung up the phone, after a lengthy chat with a friend. Sometimes it is obvious that a friend is a friend is a friend. A friend is maybe, probably, just somebody who can understand that you need to talk, talk about anything and everything but definitely not about the real problem, whatever the fuck it is. A friend is somebody with whom you can stop looking for a solution, for a problem, for a fucking sense in the life, and with whom you just can talk about anything, everything but not the problem. I know that I am lucky, because I have maybe two or three, maybe four but not five people with whom I can talk about anything but not the problem.

I know that it is more sensible for most people to follow societal norms of usual flow of life. For some however it is better to break the norm and follow wherever the mind and heart and luck flows. I know some are looking for assurance of society that everything would be OK if they obey the rules. For some on the other hand, society can only affirm its own raison d’être. I am frankly sick of people living in their own fear. I have fears, do not take me wrong. In contemporary environment, and despite what our pseudo intelligentsia dream, as a global situation, not limited or specific to Turkey and not limited or specific to politics of Turkey, we are all in shit. World have became a ball of manure, orbiting the Sun for a long while now. My problem with people’s fears is that they let the fear feed fear feed fear, ad infinitum.

In such cases, when I need to find a way to break the loop only a real friend can help. I fortunately have some. I will not elaborate the problem as elaboration is not necessary I assume. As there are people who know and laugh at me already, there are ones who think I am stupid, there are ones who think I am exaggerating, there are ones who think problem does not deserve to be a problem at all. Well, I am not an idiot (in fact I am one, but not pertinent to this particular case). I know that problem is a problem because I let it to be a problem. Let me explain the solution as simply as possible; Problem is not a problem anymore…

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Can Baysal

It is fortunate that I am not famous, as any biographer and or journalist would definitely have problems while gathering information on my background. What I am basically is a renaissance man in modern age with diverse areas of interest and some interconnected subjects of expertise mainly centered around ICT.