Why is Linux so buggy?

I guess you had lots of quasi or not fanboi replies about your lack of talent, intelligence and aptitude etc. already. So I will leave that part to those people. What you are mentioning in your question details was, now hidden very successfully by Quora bot, Desktop stability problems and comparison with Windows. Windows is a desktop GUI carried by a kernel built on VMS architecture (which was more suitable to desktop than Unix even decades ago) and some not so advertised unix-like structures. Linux is, unfortunately and despite all the efforts by people who really know what they are doing, not suitable as a desktop platform for regular people (who we like to call as “User”, you can check several references for “User” designation in a.s.r archives, Jargon file, and naturally Tron sub-culture. I especially recommend some reading about L.A.R.T.) . There are exceptions to this case; Especially, Chrome OS, Debian and Mint. If you are a regular user, I recommend these options, all the rest are for computer pros with slightly masochistic tendencies.

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