What do you think about a coder who does not have Github account?

Github is a FOSS environment. So if a coder have not participated in open source projects, there is no reason for him/her to have a github account. Also, in relation:

  • If a coder does not know git, that is a serious problem.
  • If a coder is using github for private projects, that is a more serious problem. Only exception might be s/he was forced by the organisation s/he was working for…

Also in relation as well:

  • Some people are pushing that a programmer should participate in FOSS in order to develop his/her career. No they should not, FOSS is not a playground for people to develop their skills.

Addendum: I have realised that some people are missing a point in my above reply. I do not mean a “project” as a program which consists of 4–5000 lines and three source files. A program that a recruiter can evaluate for hiring a programmer can be a 4–5000 lines code. An actual project for me is something like a minimum of 20–40 files and minimum of 50.000–60.000 lines. If a recruiter is claiming to read and evaluate such a code for hiring a candidate, stay away from there in any case.

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