Why do most professional programmers prefer Macs?

Frankly Windows became increasingly unreliable in my experience in recent years. It is probably we just do not want to wait, biting our nails, to see if our code is still there after an unpredictable crash. Or again in my experience we might be hating to see a notebook fail to return to life from a suspended (or hibernated) session. Again the same suspense during reboot “O Lord, please my code would be there intact and error free…” Normally there are lots of very good and running exclusively on Windows (although this trend seems to be something of past) tools, which should be a positive motivator for using Windows but it is not good enough…

Linux is another and sadder story. I love Linux and all my servers are still Linux, not Solaris (do they still produce it?) not BSDi, nor freeBSD nor Open BSD. But on the desktop side, Linux is becoming  suckier every passing day. Window managers became memory monsters, the usually default browser Firefox is dead (for me at the least, I use it only just to see if its interpretation of my pages is correct or not), Thunderbird was my choice of mail interface, while it is not as bad as Firefox, it is not going well either. So while Eclipse is running very good on Linux, I need a good desktop to carry out my daily life as well. Also, at least for my coding, everything I wrote and that works on Mac, works on Linux too…

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Can Baysal

It is fortunate that I am not famous, as any biographer and or journalist would definitely have problems while gathering information on my background. What I am basically is a renaissance man in modern age with diverse areas of interest and some interconnected subjects of expertise mainly centered around ICT.