Societal norms, expectations etc.

Being “normal” is easy, when you deal with family, people, and society in general. It is easy, because people find it easier to relate to you, if you are easy to evaluate, position in social hierarchy below or above them (or rarely at the same level, which somehow seems to be more difficult than other two). This, however, requires some effort from individuals subjected to evaluation, as at the most basic level people are, well, different.

OTOH, interestingly, there are several subcultures claiming being “different”, being “misunderstood”, being “outsiders” in very uniform ways. Although this is not my purpose here, this reminds me several failed or failing political groups in the world.

What made me to write this short note is an international organisation I used to support. Several of my friends and some associates as well, objected my association with them as “they are against the societal structures” for this or that reason depending on person with whom I am talking at that particular moment. Strangely, reasons they gave, were usually different than each other and conflicting most of the times. My reason for terminating my support, was not such objections but my realisation of the fact that their primary aim was not to improve anything they claimed to be caring about but to collect “alms”, not even “charity” or “offerings”, just outright alms while calling them “support”. So I have stopped my support to them, because they were ordinary, not on the fringe of society as their public image maintained to be.

Since the termination of my support, I receive well designed and timed, obviously CRM driven calls from time to time. Today was such a day. However after refusing to resume payments and closing the phone, I wondered; If my friends objecting them, because “they were fringe”, would love them more, knowing that the organisation designed just as a modern company?