Some explanation

OK, here we are. Today, on the 22nd day of February year 2019 I have removed most of my social media accounts with no on-platform explanation or with no grand gestures at all. Also I have my blog posts hidden here in this web site. I naturally have my reasons, explanations and justifications etc. for that. However as of now I am not very interested in explaining them due to the same reason that led my account terminations and all.

On the other hand a short explanation is in order as I know that not all the people who might be looking for me have direct access to and is unable to find anything but this site. First of all the contact page which has a link on the left hand side menu is working and you can send messages to me via that. Please try not to spam me, as the automatic spam filters I have in place has less patience than I do and you can get your account and IP address blacklisted here and in some other global security systems that my tools are sharing information with.

The basic reasons behind limiting my social presence on the web is that I have realised that:

  • Myself included, most people tend to forget that there is a real life, which is not as simulated as we start to assume it is.
  • We are sharing lots of information on the web with people we do not actually know about.